The Greatest Gift


The Greatest Gift

It has healed my eczema, bipolar disorder, torn ACL in my knee.
It has helped me lose 100 lbs, acquire the home of my dreams become
a better mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter and human. I went
from fat sick and poor and depressed losing my eyesight and hearing
to being perfectly healthy prosperous abundant happy loving connected
to the universe. ThetaHealing has shown me miracles and taught me more
than I could ever imagine. I have watched it transform my family as I
have changed my DNA without them having to do a thing. Praise God,
Goddess, Father, Mother, Creator of the Universe, All that is and the
Angels of Course! This is the greatest gift I have ever received and
will spend the rest of my life paying that forward.

-Mandi Clapier Keiser

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