Life Changing Tool

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A ThetaHealing Testimonial About A Life Changing Tool She Has Found.

My name is Janet Sanewski and I have been learning and working with Orion Theta healing for the past two years. It is easy to speak highly enough of Vianna the founder of Orion Theta healing, Colleen Clark and all the Orion ThetaHealing Teachers across the world for their generosity in spreading this amazing life changing tool to all of man kind. The changes I have experienced are not only in my life but also in the lives of those that I have come contact with on a personal and professional basis.
I would have to say personally that the most important out of all this is that it has also brought me closer our creator and know that he always there for  our highest and best and for all of his beautiful creation.

With love and Light to all…

-Janet Sanewski

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