Testimonials For A Theta Healer and Teacher – Robyn Tucker

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Testimonials For A Theta Healer and Teacher – Robyn Tucker

Robyn Tucker
Qualified International Teacher and Healer
Theta Healing
Introductory DNA 1 & 2, DNA Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting and Abundance Seminars

Robyn teaches with love, integrity and joy. During the Introductory and Advance workshops I have connected to my deepest truth – my oneness with All That Is. Very empowering!! I really didn’t want the courses to end. Thank you.
-Rajo Glastonbury, UK

Thank you for enabling me to release the trauma from my heart. At last I have been able to heal the pain held in my heart and move on. I feel so much lighter and more joyful than I have ever felt.
-Jen Cairns, Australia

Amazing stuff!! The torn ligament in my knee which was supposed to take weeks to heal, was healed overnight! Thank you.
-Brian Cairns, Australia

Thank you will all my heart Vianna. You have opened up whole new worlds for me and this is just the beginning!
With much love,

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