Personal Journey with Theta Healing

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A ThetaHealing Testimonial From A Professional Educator

Grad dip of Education (Specializing in Children with Special Needs). Teacher of children with profound disabilities and challenges.
Brain Gym Instructor and Educational Kinesiology Practitioner… Touch for Health Proficient

Personal Journey with Theta Healing
Thank you Vianna for this amazing modality in healing.
Initially, I felt an instant physical healing via a phone consultation, my curiosity was pricked… I had to learn more. On attending the DNA 1 & 2 workshop I was propelled into mental chaos that resulted in incarceration. I was back in a psychiatric ward under lock and key!
Theta Healing was instrumental in my recovery along with bodywork. I continued my journey, following through to learning Advanced DNA and Teaching DNA 1 & 2. This led me to both teaching and practicing this wondrous modality, delighted with the results both personal and for my clientele. It wasn’t long before my practice centered on Theta Healing. Little dampeners started undermining me. I knew that blocks were building… what was I afraid of? Something wasn’t working, I had to perfect this art and learn more so attended Intuitive Anatomy Training, AND had more personal work done. This resulted in more chaos but no psychiatric ward!
Questions, questions, questions… where were the answers? The blocks seemed to be building, I was getting overwhelmed with more protection… More and more my life was filling with disturbances, mental confusion, emotional turmoil, and physical chaos to exhaustion!  I was floundering in the world of my making. The constriction was squeezing the life out of me! Physical ailments were increasing! I put on hold my teaching, then my practice and finally family association. I closed up… I was losing the will to live in patterns and programs that no longer served me, or the world as I knew it. Nothing seemed to work for me… Theta Healing had no impact… so it appeared! I got lost… Rest and isolation enabled me to re merge, slowly and at times painfully, gaining strength, identifying needs and goals. Revisiting my mission in life, identifying needs and goals… revisiting my mission in life identifying patterns and programs that led me into and out of chaos. I gathered my resources and auctioned a new mode of learning.. joy and success infiltrated my being…  I was living my purpose once again! I was filled with hope and positive expectation. Vitality in Recovery… in awareness of my empowerment, rebuilding. I am still work in progress, still in connection with Source and resources. I build bridges with family… and my Practice.. I’m about to embark on learning to teach the Advance course and embrace Prosperity…I will use my new road… I no longer choose to travel on the one with massive chaotic pits. I look forward to embracing this new information with joy in my heart and laughter in my voice. This is my healing journey that is continuing… my vision is resolute to live a life of enlightened empowerment, loving and learning joyfully. I allow myself to shine, AND in so doing, actively facilitate this is others. I heal in love, truth and peace. I shine from within radiating out.

Thank you… Nische Cornish

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