A Gifted Teacher

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I recently completed the THETAHEALING Basic DNA Course with Tim Emslie in Melbourne. The course which ran over three full days was well structured and provided a comprehensive and informative introduction to the wonderful world of Theta Healing.  Tim delivered the course in a way that provided a lovely balance between theory, anecdotes and practical exercises. This combination along with Tim’s interactive and generous teaching style created a fantastic and fun learning environment.

Furthermore, Tim’s extensive knowledge on Theta Healing as well as his personal insights into other associated paradigms made the course both enjoyable and thought provoking.  It is obvious Tim works with great integrity and unconditional positive regard for all course participants as this is reflected in not only his practice skills, but also in  his ability to impart his knowledge and wisdom without reservation.

I am very much looking forward to doing more courses with Tim!

Mary Rutledge

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