Amazing Transformational Changes

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A ThetaHealing Testimonial About Amazing Transformational Changes In His Life

I was first introduced to Theta Healing through friend and practitioner Hetty Driessen, who has trained under Vianna. After a few life changing sessions with Hetty, I decided to do her workshop, followed by her 2nd workshop 6months later.
Previously my life was full of the usual dramas, and I had come to a climactic point where I knew I needed some changes in my life.
I talked my partner Julie into coming with me to the workshops because she had some health problems and I thought the personal growth would be good for our rocky relationship. Besides I didn’t want to leave her behind spiritually.
Both workshops proved to be life changing bringing up issues that I had long buried.
The advanced course workshop really opened my eyes to the relationship of myself with God and the 7 spiritual levels of existence.
This was particularly revealing with my understanding of Heaven and Hell, which I had previously rejected from my late teens.
Having been brought up in a Baptist Christian church, I felt the burden of sin and damnation.
Although I had mentally chosen a different way of explaining spirituality I still had deep core beliefs that I was damned to Hell, etc.
It was wonderful feeling to release these old belief patterns, and realise that I was previously trapped in a belief that kept me on the 5 plane of existence.
This is just one example of personal and spiritual growth that has changed my life my beliefs, and my health.
There has been many amazing transformational changes, both cathartic and gentle through which I have been able to let go of the past and move forward.
I put aside time from my busy Podiatry practice to focus on Theta Healing so I can help facilitate life changing experience and healings.
I now see a future where I can teach others to help themseleves to change their lives.

-David Webby, Queensland, Australia

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