Body Fighting Back Like a Healthy 15 Year Old

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A ThetaHealing Testimonial How Her Body Fought Cancer

Dear Vianna,

From every part of my being, I thank you for sharing Theta Healing. It has changed my life in so many ways, and I can also see the changes in my parents and my children. I feel joyful and full of love, and I easily see wonder and the awesomeness in everything. The gratitude and appreciation I have for you are immense, and I acknowledge the magnitude of the challenge you faced bringing my hands, and cancer cells destroying themselves. Radium treatment that didn’t burn and become itchy, and a 63 year old being told their body is fighting back like a fit and healthy 15 year old, all truly amazing. I love working closely with The Creator and I love the pureness of this work.
I attended my first ThetaHealing class back in 2002, and I can remember I had eyes popping and I was thinking “you can do what?” I have learnt so much since then.
Also, thank you Guy for supporting Vianna and playing such an important roll in Theta Healing. Your work is invaluable and truly appreciated.
Vianna, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am truly grateful for your teachings, your love, your dedication, your patience and your vision.

I ask that God blesses you richly in every way possible.

Love Libby Anderson

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