The Pains I’ve Had

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A ThetaHealing Testimonial On How A 10-Year Car Accident Pain Was Cured

Dear Vianna,

I had had neck pain for 10 months which osteopaths were able to ‘fix’, but within a day or so would be back again, just as bad. It was depressing and expensive. My naturopath sent me to a theta healer and after 2 sessions my neck pain was completely gone. I continued then seeing the theta healer for the back pain I’d had for 10 years after a car accident-same story regarding osteopaths. I discovered that not only was my pain going, but that my life in general was starting to improve.
So I did the training to be a theta healer (DNA 1 & 2 Advanced and IA), but I didn’t really believe that I too could manage to do these healings. However, after lots of practice I am able to help others too, which is rewarding. I also do lots of swaps and my life has changed enormously for the better. I am so grateful for theta healing and would like to thank you Vianna for all that you’ve done and for sharing theta healing with the world!

-Jenner Miller

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