Miracles: Big and Small

9th test

A ThetaHealing Testimonial About Miracles In Her Life.


Vianna I want to thank you with all of my heart for being the wonderful courageous person that you are, to being Theta DNA into the lives of so many. I have shared and experienced so many miracles both BIG and small, within my own life and that of my family and the lives that I work with and teach.
I have such an understanding of the Creator and all that is! I have had the courage to move forward in ways that I would never have done without the healing that has occurred for me in my life.
The most wonderful thing you have done for me in teaching me this work is that I am now able to teach with the passion that is in me and watch as people’s lives are transformed forever and I consider it a priviledge and honour to be involved in this work at this time on our beloved planet, Our Mother Earth.

Thank you! Vianna Thank you!

-Carole Schrader

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