The Missing Puzzle

4th test

A Testimonial For Theta About Finding Their Missing Puzzle

With Theta magic we have found missing puzzle on our journey to ourselves. We have tried so many things discover our self. Many other techniques are wonderful is well, but the missing part was always how to teach someone “to feel like…” With Theta magic is everything so easy to change and replace. We still in the active learning path and our teacher is Simon Rose here in Australia and the Highlight will be the Manifestation and Abundance with Vianna.
We are looking forward to this workshop and my wish for all the lovely people in the whole world.
“Start with little steps, but become aware who you are, a unique divine person with all the abilities to create.
To create a life in Harmony, Peace, Joy, Health and Abundance.
Take the magic which comes from Creator of all what is and change your life.
It’s your life and your right of birth to be happy, rich and healthy.”

Our love to all of you

Janka & Peter

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