Theta Miracle : My Beautiful experience

With Love and Gratitude to the CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS and to my teacher Master Sumant Kaul.
 I am Charu Mathur , based in Dubai. I started with the Theta Healing Courses in April 2010.
I encountered a great experience recently which I want to share with all my fellow Theta Healers.
On 3rd August 2010 my secretary (Ms. Teresa) came to office and she started asking me about ThetaHealing. Before I could answer she told me that her father in Philippines had a stroke and is in Coma now. Then she started crying.  My sister cum partner told her not to worry and suggested that Charu (me)  will do Theta Healing for you.
I was totally zapped because her father was critical, in coma and was not responding to what the doctors were doing !!! To tell you the truth till this moment in life I had not taken any such major case in hand. But never the less when this situation came so suddenly, I took it confidently.
After taking permission with Teresa, I started wholeheartedly with Mr. Kaul’s instructions echoing in my mind and connected to the creator. After connecting the first thing I did was commanded the clot to be sent to God’s light and then witnessed the free flow of blood circulation in my Client’s brain.
–          To my surprise had a clear visualization of his brain with excellent blood circulation. (For theinformation of my other friends, till now I was struggling with my visualization skills).
–          This witnessing of the blood circulation was so serene and intense that I enjoyed this moment and floated in my client’s blood many times in between his heart and brain. Healing his heart, each and every heart muscle….wow it was so wonderful.
–          During this moment I had realized that the creator was in full charge and then another instruction came. The soul was outside his body. So made the necessary command to align the soul inside the client’s body.
–          Then I saw the client with the drip. I knew life saving medicines are given through the drip. So I blessed the drip, sent unconditional love to the doctors and to his wife too.
–          Finished the session with sending unconditional love to each and every cell of my client.
By the time I did an energy break my heart felt a strange type of joy.  After this I told Teresa you will hear good news. He will be fine. Ibelieve that when I said these words I was still under creator’s control.
The next day (4th August) afternoon I saw her coming running towards me. She told me there is a Good news. Her father has opened his eyes and is fully conscious.  Doctors said that a hole has developed inside the clot and the blood is flowing  through it. Did another session for him. Again felt that the connection was intense. Could see the clot with a hole clearly. Simply took creators unconditional love and went through the clot many times floating in his blood vessels. Felt the same serenity and joy in my heart.
This time I did not say anything but I knew another good news will come. Next day was Friday (a holiday in this part of the world). Teresa sent me a text message : – “Good afternoon Ms. Charu. My father is continuously showing progress. He wanted to talk off his breathing support but the doctors did not allow him yet. I believe your healing and prayer is very effective. Thanks a lot indeed”
The doctors told the family it’s a miracle but we all know it’s a THETA MIRACLE.
Today on 11th Aug 2010, he is shaking hands with his family in hospital. Tomorrow they will remove the tube so that he can talk as well.
With Love and Creator’ Light.
Charu Mathur.

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