“Truth” in Living

Dear  Vianna,

A Testimonial How Theta Healing presented: "Truth"  in Living

A Testimonial How Theta Healing presented: “Truth” in Living

The gratitude and love I feel for you and Theta Healing is enormous! After 16 years of anxiety depression and suffering from Chronic Fatigue, and Ross River Fever, and feeling like life was not worth living… ThetaHealing has given me back my life, my joy and consequently my sense of self worth. Eight years ago I had no clarity, no focus, poor memory, could not even remember a phone number.
I believe I really did not know myself at all until I was able to clear away all the depression and negative beliefs and see myself for who I really am. I am not able to really enjoy my life and my family in a totally different and authentic way. All my wonderful family members have benefited from the changes wrought in me. They are showing me just how loving and supportive of each other they can be and it is a joy to watch.
I have also enjoyed tremendously my ability to be able to teach this wonderful modality to others and watch their transformation and growth.
I continue to learn from all the wonderful student, clients and Practitioners I meet and have now an unconditionally supportive and friendly family in the true sense of the word as an individual.
I also know that Theta Healing is the most powerful healing modality for the new millennium and presents to us a “truth” in living.
It was my desire to know that in my living, I had made a difference in peoples lives.
I now know that is true.
But what a difference you have made to humanity on a world wide level by following Gods direction in your life… thank you, bless you and I love you.

-Colleen Clark

To Guy,
Thank you for all the support you give to Vianna as a partner and teacher and for your generosity to those who need your assistance… blessings. Colleen

41 Ocean Street Runaway Bay Q Australia 4216

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