Mint Into My Life

Pauline Longdon – Theta Healing Testimonial

ThetaHealing Testimonial How She Overcame Her Mint Allergy

In May this year (2007), I was on an Intuitive Anatomy course in Melbourne. On one of the weekends some of my fellow course mates and I went out to dinner. For as long as I can remember anytime that I ate Mint (the herb or plant only, the flavouring was fine), it would make me instantly sick. We ordered a lovely banquet and as I started to eat falafel I tasted a flavour that I knew was not good. I looked across the table and said to my friend Michelle, that I was allergic to mint and she calmy replied, “Why don’t you change that?”

Well I must admit that the thought had never crossed my mind. I immediately connected with Creator and changed the beliefs surrounding mint offending me. Just to make doubly sure that it had worked, I ate the rest of the falafel and ate another one. I sat there in tune with my body, and there was no sign of a reaction. Awesome! The next day on course , at morning tea time I walked straight up to the tea bags and made myself a cup of peppermint tea. It was so delicious, now I knew what I had been missing out on all those years. Now peppermint tea is one of my favourites and Theta is definitely a huge part of my life.

Thank you Vianna,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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